Katrinas' overplayed song

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

It's amazing to see how the citizens of the world as well as those from this country have responded to the citizens of New Orleans in wake of their lost; the media coverage have been sensational, the tumultuous Katrinas has made the 5th form of government in the United State " The Media" set a new agenda for congress and the executive office. Government most re-think the priorities of the citizens of this country as well as the way it reorganized bureaucratic bodies in order to respond to tragedies. The government most see that the creation of a huge "conglomerate" like the USDHS is not nor will ever be effective nor efficient in dealing with emergencies and natural tragedies such as this one. 9/11 should have giving us a lesson but it didn't. The FEMA failure is the perfect example in handling hurricane Katrinas. But FEMA is not the only one receiving an "F" for its performance in handling this catastrophe, there are " THOSE" we elected to lead our country. If there is a grade below " F " those elected officials would have earned this grade.